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MaxEurope is the biggest Bulgarian producer of bicycles and baby strollers. With its annual capacity of more than 500 000 units, the company’s production is 80% exported to virtually all European countries, covering the needs of different client segments.

Shockblaze is the high-end bicycle brand of MaxEurope, taking advantage of its Italian origins and combining the style with technological innovation to ignite the racing attitude in serious bikers. Chipolino is by far the most popular brand In Bulgaria for baby strollers and kids’ accessories on the market and one of the most successful brands in neighboring countries too.

Ferrini bikes have the quality promise of an European product with the Italian feel for style and comfort. Sprint bicycles are to satisfy the market’s demand for quality bicycles that are within the reach of all those who see the bicycle primarily as a means of transport.

MaxEurope is a company that, thanks to the years of know-how and experience accumulated by Maxcom, sees expertise and professionalism as its main strengths. Today MaxEurope is a dream-come-true for its founding father and owner Mr. Maxim Mitkov. He still manages his company, but now the ideas and values of MaxEurope are also shared by his family members that run companies within the holding. This edication, hard work and trust make the company a true family enterprise that is constantly growing and developing.

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Latest News

Chipolino Presentation 2014

19/11/2014 Chipolino

Recently Chipolino gathered partners from across the country to share with them future plans and development strategies for the vast portfolio of brands it represents and to present some of the emblematic models for the collections of Chipolino, Baby Max, CAM, neoNato, Carra, Cosatto, ABC Design, Baby Merc, Fisher Price, Tega Baby and OK Baby.

We help Miziya

26/09/2014 Chipolino

Last week Chipolino visited Miziya to meet the children from the affected by the floods town. There were, of course, many presents for the people in need – strollers, play pens, tricycles, doll strollers…

European mobility Week 2014 - Plovdiv

26/09/2014 Sprint

To mark the European mobility Week 2014 a cyclo-cross was held on 20 September in Plovdiv, North district. The race started at 11:00 from the International Fair. As a main partner of the event, "Sprint bikes” awarded bicycles to the participants.

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